(Originally Created in 2013)

Timeline of Events

25NOV09 – The first instance of a defacement by SyRiAn_34G13, the future administrator of the SEA’s website.

19APR10 – First instance of Th3 Pr0 hacking with T34M Err0r

25DEC10 – First instance of Reza_0o0, an Iranian hacker who may have assisted with the early development of the SEA

APR11 – http://facebook.com/syrian.es created

24APR11 – Th3 Pr0 conducts an interview with Tartous2day.com28

05MAY11 – Syrian-es.com registered

07MAY11 – Syrian-es.com “under construction”

11MAY11 – First post on Syrian-es.com

11MAY11 – First YouTube video, “Directed by Ibrahem Melhem”

12MAY11 – First attack claim on Syrian-es.com

13MAY11 – Iranian hacker “Reza_0o0” defaces websites which are re-defaced by SEA weeks later

17MAY11 – The SEA claims over 50 websites “attacked” with DDoS or defacement

18MAY11 – Development of Syrian Hacker School at www.facebook.com/School.Hacker 22MAY11 – Interview with SEA leader on Syrian television

27MAY11 – @SyrianSoldier1 becomes the official SEA Twitter handle

MAY11 – Th3 Pr0 and SaQeR.SyRia@Gmail.com AKA Dr. Hana Noura claim attack on http://leamingtonspatowncouncil.gov.uk/

MAY11 – Th3 Pr0 and SaQer SyRia claim attack on queenasalah.com

MAY11 – ArabAttack claims defacement at www.bluereef.itwww.aguide2italy.com and www.windcam-news.it/usato/s

MAY11 – SY Team claims defacement at kl7uk.com

30MAY11 – Infowar-monitor.net publishes a report on SEA

04JUN11 – 122 domains hacked. Note: Mass defacements are conducted

04JUN11 – Re-defacements of websites hacked by Reza_0o0 on 13MAY11

04JUN11 – 6 “top Israeli websites” hacked (they were not significant websites) for “Naksa Day”

07JUN11 – Israeli websites defaced and server data deleted “as a revenge from Facebook which keeps removing our pages”

12JUN11 – SEA claims hacks on two more Israeli websites

15JUN11 – SEA claims hack on Center for Small Business in Israel

19JUN11 – Israeli Chemical Society Hack

20JUN11 – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recognizes SEA in a speech

20JUN11 – SEA begins compromising anti-regime Facebook pages (17 compromises as of 23JUN)

24JUN11 – SEA hacks the French embassy in Damascus. The website redirects to http://th3pro.pro/fr/

25JUN11 – 10 Israeli websites hacked by SEA

11JUL11 – Haidara Suleiman, the son of a Syrian intelligence officer, identifies himself as a member of the SEA

15JUL11 – First instance of http://es-army.syriaforums.net found on web.archive.org

26SEP11 – SEA hacks Harvard University’s home page. This attack is frequently cited by Western media sources as “the first hack” conducted by the group.

30JAN12 – SEA hacks Al Jazeera

26APR12 – SEA hacks LinkedIn blog

05JUL12 – SEA hacks @AJStream

03AUG12 – SEA hacks Reuters Twitter and blog

05SEP12 – SEA sends fake SMS messages from Al-Jazeera feed

09JAN13 – SEA hacks Saudi Arabian Defense website

05FEB13 – SEA hacks Haaretz email server

05FEB13 – SEA hacks Israeli Ministry of Transportation

07FEB13 – SEA hacks Sky News Arabia Twitter and Facebook accounts 27FEB13 – SEA hacks Agence France Presse

02MAR13 – SEA hacks Qatar Foundation Twitter and Facebook accounts 05MAR13 – SEA hacks France 24 news site and Twitter feed

08MAR13 – SEA provides interview to E-HackNews

18MAR13 – SEA hacks Human Rights Watch Twitter and web site

22MAR13 – SEA hacks BBC Twitter Account

16APR13 – SEA hacks NPR

23APR13 – SEA hacks AP Twitter feed, causing stock market drop

29APR13 – SEA hacks 11 Guardian Twitter accounts

02MAY13 – SEA Twitter account purportedly hacked by AnonymousOwn3r

05MAY13 – E! Online hacked by SEA

06MAY13 – SEA hacks The Onion

17MAY13 – SEA hacks Financial Times Twitter Account and Blog

19MAY13 – SEA claims hack of Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense e-mail system

21MAY13 – SEA hacks Daily Telegraph

25MAY13 – SEA hacks ITV

26MAY13 – SEA hacks Sky News

31MAY13 – ISP for SEA website takes website offline

03JUN13 – SEA hacks Saudi Arabian newspaper Sabq

04JUN13 – SEA hacks Turkish Ministry of Interior

02JUL13 – SEA website returns

17JUL13 – SEA hacks TrueCaller; the attack is believed to have been launched to disrupt rebel communications in Syria

21JUL13 – SEA hacks TangoMe; the attack is believed to have been launched to disrupt rebel communications in Syria

23JUL13 – SEA hacks DailyDot

23JUL13 – SEA hacks Viber; the attack is believed to have been launched to disrupt rebel communications in Syria

29JUL13 – SEA hacks Whitehouse.gov

01AUG13 – SEA threatens Twitter

16AUG13 – SEA hacks Outbrain; numerous news websites affected

22AUG13 – SEA hacks ShareThis

27AUG13 – SEA hacks MelbourneIT, takes ownership of New York Times, Huffington Post, and Twitter DNS entries.

31AUG13 – SEA VPS data leaked on Tor darkweb

03SEP13 – SEA hacks Marines.com



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